SOTB2018 Steganography BruteForce

For this challenge, I did almost completed it, but I really did silly mistake. Overall, I like this challenge but I wasn’t able to get full points! because the time is up for the competetion! The real challenge is posted as the following image

SOTB2018 T-Shirt challenge

Hi, It was a nice weekend at Fort Smith, Arkansas participating professional CTF Shell On The Border. It was an amazing event which has more 21 teams (4-players). First day, it was just a registration and orientation day which they were explaining the comptention’s rule and also they distribtued some other stuff including interesting T-shirt! that has something on it!

Nineveh Virtual Machine

Nineveh Virtual Machine is publicaly available! Happy new Year everybody! With beginning of this year, I would like to make my vulnerable machine Nineveh available for everybody to try it on your own lab! This machine was a part of Hackthebox platform.

Import VM to Proxmox

In this article, I would like to show you guys how to import Virtualbox or VMware machines into `Proxmox visualization 5`. First of all, for this article, I am going to pick one of `Vulnhub's machines` which is `Breach2` by the awesome guy `@mrb3n` Find it at Link.

After downloading the VM machine, extract it and make sure it has OVA file. In my example, the file exists under name 'Breach-2_final2.1.ova'

Recover deleted files forensically

Hello everyone, today I would like to share this article with you guys, because most of us, and I am one of them, delete or format drive unexpectedly. For this post, I have 64GB USB drive that formatted as FAT32.

Milnet: 1 - Walkthrough

Hi everyone, finally I decided to write some of articls that releated to IT security, so I started with Milnet VM. First, starting with scanning the network to identify the VM's ip address